mandag 26. september 2011

Northern Lights Aurora Borealis Timelapse 26.09.2011

Sunspot AR 1302 have unleashed some spectacular solar flares which have produced coronal mass ejections, and one of them hit Earths magnetic field on the 26.09.2011 and sparked an geomagnetic storm at the G4(Kp-8) level here in the higher latitudes. Here you can see a white light image of the sunspot taken today by myself.

This is the most spectacular Northern Lights I have ever seen here at 59N 10E. With beautiful waves right overhead at zenit and giant columns of light reaching high nearly into space.

Here is a picture of the first spike in the activity at about 19 UTC

I took a lot of pcitures with my 60D and I managed to missalign the focus on the most spectaular part, but as the solar cycle is just starting to ramp up, I will get a lot of new chances to make the perfect timelapse of the Aurora Borealis. 
The rest of the images and the timelapse you will find at Youtube and in higher quality at Vimeo 720P playedback at 24fps: